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healing retreats Mexico

Relax – Release – Heal – Awaken – Embody 

Our mission

Our mission at Healing Retreats Mexico is to create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can experience deep healing, transformation, and re-connection.

We use heart-centred holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, energy healing, breathwork, and coaching, to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Our goal is to help beautiful souls heal, reconnect with their bodies and heart, and awaken to their true authentic selves.

Our Values


We prioritize creating a physically and emotionally safe environment for our guests, from carefully screened facilitators and healers to secure and comfortable accommodations. By ensuring a sense of safety and trust, we help our guests fully engage in the transformative work of healing and self-discovery.


Our primary focus is on helping individuals access their inner wisdom and cultivate lasting transformation through various healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, coaching, energy healing, and plant medicine, …


We are dedicated to providing a supportive community that empowers individuals to connect with their true selves, cultivate self-love and compassion, and develop the tools they need to continue their healing journey beyond our retreats.

Photos of our previous retreats

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